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W3 Total Cache Remnants

I just migrated my site from a Linux server to the WP managed service and the server nuked W3 Total Cache. Not a problem. The issue lies in that it didn't totally remove it. I still have a drop-in called "object-cache.php APC Object Cache" that I can't get rid of and it seems to be interfering with some of my Jetpack functionality. My reasoning behind that being my other sites never had W3, that remnant isn't there, and it's the only variable that's different between my four sites. So, the question becomes, how do I remove it? I can't delete it directly, so I used UpdraftPlus to backup only my posts, uploads, and themes. no plugins or anything. I then nuked my site in the hosting controls and set it up fresh. After restoring those three backup file, the remnant is still there. I don't mind killing my site, but how in the world can I save all my data without having that little file roll along with me? It has posts from many years, so just uploading the posts and relinking media would take far too long to be reasonable. Thanks in advance for the help.

Former Employee

I'm, admittedly, a bit out of my primary expertise (domains/DNS) but will this process shut that down (back-up, modify and test the modified initialization file)?


I'll have to give that a spin. I can't get to that file on the Managed WP hosting, but I can clone my site over a cpanel install, test it, and clone it back if that works. Thanks for the direction. =D