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WordPress Best Practices: Security, Stats and Accessibility

File this entry under “Something I should’ve probably done a long time ago… “
Without going into my entire backstory I have websites which I have been managing for anywhere from a few months to over 10 years, and while I’ve been keeping all the plug-ins and software up-to-date sometimes I don’t always have the most optimized plug-ins in use.
There are MANY different plugins to accomplish the same thing so it is important to always read the blogs / reviews and see what is the latest and greatest
Statistics - The "standard" in stats / analytics is Google Analytics there are probably 10-20 plus plugins that allow you to integrate WordPress with Google Analytics - some just put the tracking code, some show the stats and do everything in between.
For years I had used the Google Analytics Dashboard plug-in for WordPress. This plug-in function well however it had its drawbacks for example you had to get authentication key from Google and it was one of those keys that was limited to 25 sites and when you went to the 26th site it would be authorize that site.  Also, the plug-in was acquired back in 2018 and they became much more sales based and trying to upsell to a pro version of the plug-in.
So given all that, I have been switching to use the Google Site Kit plug-in, Which is great because not only does it add in the analytics code but it also he adds the site to the Google Webmaster Tools/Search Console to be able to better manage and monitor things on the site.
It is important to make sure your site is updated in terms of the plugins / core and theme, but sometimes you aren't aware something has happened - I personally use both Sucuri and WordFence Free Editions - WordFence gives me the scanning of the site and Sucuri does a nice job with logging things and sending notifications
Accessibility - This is one of lesser talked about things when it comes to WordPress / websites in general. This has to do with vision impairments and website usability. There are some industry guidelines which are accepted as standards - and there are different levels of compliance. This is an area where I was using one plugin and the company moved to a paid model - so I found another solution that is Free and works with more than just WordPress. 
It is take me about 10- 15 minutes per site to make the updates and swap out the plugins and even though the majority of my clients will never log into their site and see any of this information it’s a good practice to do things like this so that way if and when the client should ask me for the information I will have it readily accessible.
Hope this helps for those that are managing one sight or even a number of site - Please feel free to comment if you have any questions.
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