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WordPress showing 404, site broken, cant access WP admin


two days ago one of my websites broke out of thin air. I assume it has something to do with the update of a redirect plugin, but i am not sure. The site is showing 404 errors and wants to load as https, originally is http. I have deleted the WordPress installation and install new fresh one. The page is still broken and shows 404 errors. I can not login to WP to restore original site? There must be some problem with permalinks but in the wp_options i can not find anything wrong. The symptoms are similar to problems migrating to https, but on this site there were no changes made in this direction.


Actions from my side:

- i have reset DNS (change the setting and put it back again)

- i deleted sub-domain and install it again

- i deleted WordPress installation and install a fresh one

- i checked url in phpMyadmin in the file wp_options, everything looks ok, siteurl:


I am struggling 2 days, can anybody solve this?

Thanks Tali Rezun


Community Team
Community Team

Hi @talirezun, upon review, it looks like you were able to get everything working since you posted this message.  I've been able to load all of the links on your website without experiencing any 404 errors.  

If you're still experiencing any issues with accessing your WordPress manager, please give our live support teams a call so we can run some tests with you: