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    how to add DNS automatically in my godaddy account if I am using a VPS

    Hello Everyone,

    Here's my usual situation in my clients. Whenever I created a subdomain in their cpanel it works perfectly fine, I don't need to configure any DNS. In my situation, I bought a VPS here in GoDaddy and I bought domains here in Godaddy also. When I created a subdomain in my cpanel that I created through an account in my VPS, why do I had to configure the DNS in my godaddy DNS Management too? I checked the zone records in my DNS in cpanel and the subdomains are listed there but not in godaddy dns management? So, a problem occur that every time I created a subdomain in cpanel (that is in my VPS hosting) I had to add the dns records too in DNS Management of my godaddy account which I believe I shouldn't be doing it every time I created a subdomain. How can I make like I always did to my clients' cpanel where every time I create a subdomain there's no need for me to configure in their godaddy account which I think they don't use?


    Please help, I need to solve this. Thank you so much!

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