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    unauthorized access being done from some GoDaddy's operators

    Hi, I'm writing this now here to clear something to GoDaddy, so somebody may see from GoDaddy administrators or somebody deliver my voice to them.

    First of all, I'm not a new GoDaddy customer, I'm an old one, since 2011 as far as I remember, if not earlier...
    In the last 4 years specially, I noticed a big downgrade in the service, particularly in the operators that chatted with me when I needed some help or support... their knowledge is very down, not skillful, not aware of the basics of the technical issues, and the worse now is that, some of them misused the PIN and/or Passwords.
    Lately I needed some help related to my dedicated server I purchased, and unfortunately I always found GoDaddy operators from India, sometimes Pakistan or Philippines, why? I don't know... but this is not a problem, the problem is their heavy and slow understanding towards the issues, wasting my time, asking for PIN, Customer number, and sometimes the password - just like a robot - and after spending daily hours, no solution!
    The worse of all this, is that lately I noticed some strange behaviors on my server server, sometimes I find strange/old versions of the files are being placed into my domain space (public_html directory), and lately I found a lot of deleted directories and files from one of my domains.

    Nobody uses my Laptop, I have no adware, malware or any software that spies, I have the best Anti virus programs and my Laptop is totally clean, I even don't use my Laptop on any unknown connection, No passwords are being saved internally on my laptop, I even don't allow any browser to save any account/passwords, I don't have any extensions installed into any browser, so all probabilities of leakage are not presented here, except for those GoDaddy operators who chatted with me through GoDaddy Support and asked for the PIN/Customer Number or Password!

    I wish my voice reaches GoDaddy Administrators, to take the necessary actions and to clear that situation, because it's not good that people face such behavior again, it's unacceptable even on the legal side.

    Waiting for anybody from GoDaddy to clear this situation, and here I'm not waiting for some words about principles or value of security, because I know all this, instead, I want GoDaddy to take actions, knows which Operator misused the information of my account, and strictly take actions towards them.

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    Hey there, @BahaaSobhy,


    That a pretty serious implication that should be addressed and looked into, for sure. Unfortunately, we won't be able to help with that here on the community boards. Most of us are volunteers and don't have access to GoDaddy's account management backend. 


    You should contact phone support and request that a supervisor review your account activity. It would help to have specific information for them, which it sounds like you have. 

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    Hi @MrVapor 


    Thanks for your response, as for the Phone Contact it's not an option now to me, that's why I wrote this post here, in the hope that somebody from GoDaddy admins would read it and take an action.

    Pointing my Help/Support chat to some Indian/Pakistani/Philippines Center/Hubs is not acceptable, for I purchased the server with other products from the American company "GoDaddy" and when I need Help/Technical Support I should obtain it from the head-Center/Hub (USA)... not from low-level quality Center.

    The reputation of GoDaddy - by that manner - is being bad and getting worse.

    As for my issue, I again re-uploaded the files of my domain (The files and directories that the GoDaddy's operator(s) deleted without permission and by misusing and unauthorized/illegal access to my account).

    Let's see what they would do again! and still I'm hoping/waiting for a response from GoDaddy administrators.

    Thanks again MrVapor.