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    A couple of questions...

    Hi guys,


    Just a couple of quick questions;


    Firstly, is it possible to create a '3 for £20' sort of promotion on your online store, for selected products?


    Also, is there a way to include your Trust Pilot score somewhere on each of your website pages?





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    Re: A couple of questions...

    I'll start at question two because it is a bit easier @AceKn1ght.


    If you run TrustPilot you can get the code for a TrustBox in the TrustBox Library. You can just copy/paste the provided code into a HTML snippet box on your website.


    As far as the 3 for £20 thing that is a bit tougher? There is no real way to provide for a bundle of products for one price as in 3 for £20 or 1 for £8 but if you wanted to list a product and in the description put "You need doodads and we have them. You probably want more than one of our doodads and this is the bundle for you three (3) doodads. Stock up now and get a special on three doodads." The issue with that is that if you list quantity in your cart or on your product page it will just show Qty: 1 even though they are actually purchasing three.


    I'd probably list two separate products one as a single doodad and another as a set (bundle) of doodads. Using the example above a customer could select Qty: 3 in the single doodad product item and pay £24 -OR- select Qty: 1 in the doodad bundle product item and pay £20 If that isn't confusing? I have not found that all online storefronts can handle more than simple transactions. Depending on the solution you have chosen it might be impossible, difficult or easy. I hope that helps?



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    Re: A couple of questions...

    Many thanks!