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    Add Links to to imported Calendar Events in Schedule

    We should be able to click on the scheduled event from a calendar that has been imported into the website. I should be able to click it to get more information about it, as well as have it take me directly to the shopping page to make a purchase. an example of the type of functionality that we are looking for can be found at the following link:




    Anything short of this capability is useless.

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    Product Team

    Hi @3pmg, Good news, we do support this. Please see this Help article.  The links from your external calendar should show on your site once you have added. Thanks, Christine, product manager


    You have not provided me with a solution.

    Clearly you did not check the functionality on the link that I shared. The article that you posted doesn't even remotely address my functionality and requirement. Maybe you should reread my post and examine the link I provided.


    @3pmg . The article I sent was to show you how to import your calendar.  If you have links set up in your calendar, we will pull them in automatically.  You need to copy over your iCal URL to link your calendar to your GoCentral website.


    If you do not have links set up in your imported calendar, then you could add the link to whatever keyword (e.g. "shop") in your event description.



    Christine, My initial post to you should have indicated that I ALREADY knew how to import the calendar.

    WHERE would I add a link to a specific shop class or course like the link I provided? The article does not address that, neither does your reply. I am looking for specific functionality. Did you look at the link I provided?

    I'm researching why this did not work for you - the links should automatically show up when you imported your calendar.  Are you building a new site modeled after this one: http://www.therangecomplex.com/schedule.html?  

    Please send me your GoCentral weblink and we'll be able to take a closer look.  Thanks, Christine

    For example, if you were using Google calendar, you'd add your link to the event description and then GoCentral will pull it in for the imported calendar.Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 12.54.50 PM.png