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    Add custom code to new page and add dependency with existing functionality

    Hi, I am running online food ordering service.

     I want to add a new page "Real Time Status" to my site, which shows the number of food orders placed in real-time to customers (Kind of counter which will increase after someone place the order successfully). 


    I need help to understand how to add custom code which will be executed automatically when a customer places the order successfully from Shop Page. 


    Your help will be highly appreciated, looking for the response. Thanks in advance 🙂



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    That is a complicated and very custom request.  There is no out-of-the-box script that I am aware of.  (I could be wrong and maybe someone else will pipe in!).


    How you approach integrating this also depends on your platform and hosting (with good resources for a live script like that to be running) to make the appropriate recommendations.  I recommend you seek out a developer that specializes in creating and integrating customized scripts such as what you describe.


    If you are on WordPress, there are some plugins that enable real-time ordering and tracking but I am not aware of any that actually show what is in the pipeline in real-time on the front-end. 

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