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    Adding my affiliate links

    I have a full website up and running using GoDaddy.

    I have recently been accepted as an affiliate for some more product ranges.

    I am wanting to add sections to my website and list all the products in the required product categories but when customers go to purchase i need to add in my affiliate link so it takes them to their website to finish purchase. My affiliate tracking code will then enable me to get a percentage of the sale. I have tried numerous ways but when adding the products I cant seem to add the link anywhere to redirect. 

    Everytime I try my website seems to think I am adding my own products.

    Am I able to list products and then divert to another website for final purchase?

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    Helper V
    Helper V

    Re: Adding my affiliate links



    Looks like you need a custom website...

    I think with GoCentral you may not be able to send customers to your affiliate provider...

    You must go for Managed WordPress or cPanel Hosting...

    With Managed WordPress or cPanel Hosting, you can route customers...


    Hope this helps




    Praveen Thomas

    GoDaddy 24/7 Support www.x.co/247support

    Re: Adding my affiliate links

    Hi! I was just wondering if you figured out how to add your affiliate links into your godaddy site. I'm brand new to it and I can't seem to figure out how to add an HTML code such as those onto the site. Thanks in advance for any help.

    Re: Adding my affiliate links

    I also have affiliate links but i haven't had any problem adding them. I just had to choose a section that had either photos or buttons I was able to link. Here is an affiliate page example: http://genesishairstyling.com/products. I put my affiliate Amazon links on the"buy" buttons. Hope that helps a bit! I have more affiliate sites to build and I will do them the exact same way.

    Re: Adding my affiliate links

    Thanks Cybernac for posting a solution. I’m still having some problems figuring out where the buy buttons are. Can you please let me know what area I should be in?

    Re: Adding my affiliate links

    Usually it's toward the bottom.  Pages > content > section > action button.  Just add an action button (I named mine BUY NOW) and paste your affiliate code in the link.

    Re: Adding my affiliate links

    Thank You!
    I’m going to try this in the morning when I’m not so tired 😉
    Your site looks beautiful by the way...beautiful hair designs!

    Re: Adding my affiliate links

    What website template do you use to add affiliate links, like an online store or something else. I  like your website! 


    Re: Adding my affiliate links

    wow beautiful site -- you make it look easy and simple; I'm struggling with my site:  vedasbeautynfashion.com -- if you have time, can you look at it?  I have not made any progress other than using the godaddy's theme; eventually, I need to change it to reflect me.  My brains are fried; I am stuck.  Any way, your site looks great!! 

    How to clear content all my 5 pages and put word 'This website is under construction '


    Re: Adding my affiliate links


    Can you tell me how you added the product images on your site .... where do you paste the html codes for the images?