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    Appointment widget

    Hello, is it possible when customers receive text notifications that they can reply to them. It appears currently it originates from a 480 number and they cannot reply, so if there is an issue one would never know.

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    Community Manager

    Hi @straka2u. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! Unfortunately, SMS is currently only used for sending notifications, so there wouldn't be a way for your customers to reply to the text they receive. However, the email notifications that go out as part of the appointment/event do provide your contact number and email in case they need to get in touch with you. Hope that helps. 


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    Sure I understand, but the customers have no idea that they can't reply and more than once I have had a customer state, did you get my text? And since I have no control over the message that goes out, I cannot tell them. It's a good service no doubt, but needs some tweaking to actually be a really good service for business. Also, not all customers give email and prefer txt only. Are there alternatives or is this it? Thanks for your reply.



    @straka2u Thank you for your feedback. We will consider addressing this need. Please keep the suggestions coming.



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    Pianpian, GoDaddy product manager