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    Advocate I

    Big things missing in Website Builder 7

    Hi GoDaddy Community and Developers:


    Here are some features I feel are missing in Website Builder 7


    1.The ability to drop all content on the page down to create room for content on top.

       - Insert Space Feature or Move all Feature
       - Without having to manually move everything

    2. Hover over images

    3. A website search function

    4. An in site blog feature

    5. The ability to insert meta tags into each individual page

    6. The ability to customize buttons (the ones that offer a hover over effect)


    If anyone else has any suggestions please post below.

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    Community Manager

    Hey @amarkovic7,

    Thanks so much for the feedback! It's greatly appreciated and will help our team to improve the product for all of our customers. Take care!


    RachelM - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at x.co/247support | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.

    bring back website builder 6 on my account please

    @RachelM wrote:

    Hey @amarkovic7,

    Thanks so much for the feedback! It's greatly appreciated and will help our team to improve the product for all of our customers. Take care!


    It is April/May of 2017, I have just started using WB7 and it appears the team has made NO improvements that I can find. On the PHONE to G D I was told that WB7 is wysiwyg, and the company is on to other bigger and better things. 

    PASSWORD PROTECTION!!! How can you not have this? It is a simple script in the backend to allow people to install easily. 

    Helper II


    I have mentioned many of the same issues, Under the "Community Suggestions Forum" at the bottom of the forum list. I haven't seen any comment, as of yet. It would seem, that after several years of V7's existence, these issues would have been addressed and solved.

    In my opinion, V6 was a superior program for the site builder, over V7. I'm not saying that V7 can't "rise to the occasion", however G/D is going to have to put some effort into it.

    Yes I agree V6 was much more advanced for a simple builder than V7. I feel my hands are tied. I was expecting a much better version when it was released and when I went to add meta tags or change the code, I was unable to do that. I really miss the advanced features of V6. Meta tags and SEO abilities have been separated so they can charge for it. To make money they break things up now and charge as individual add ons.


    I totally agree that Website Builder 7 is lacking in some key features, which were available in version 6.  For me notable items are that the filemanager is no longer available, where I could stroll through files, deleting those no longer necessary.  I have not yet found any manner in Website Builder 7 where I can review files and delete old ones.  Anyone have a clue?  I also used to use the feature in Website Builder 6, where I could have complete control over a page, and could just click a selection to make it not published.  I would turn off a page for editing purposes, or just because I wanted to garage the page for some reason.  This control feature is missing in the 'improved' Website Builder.


    In general, the new version I feel is lacking, in regard to capability that used to exist in the previous version.  G/D has had years to make the new version, and has years of suggestions about needed/wanted improvements to version 7, and their response has been virtually non-existent in improvement of the product.


    I would have thought that if you are going to make a 'new and improved' version, that it would have has a minimum all of the basic features of the previous version, or the option for a user to enable/disable the previous features, as needed/wanted.  G/D instead totally cannibalized Website Builder 6.

    I cannot find the spell check function.  I am sure it is there somewhere.  I found instructions under V6 but does not appear to be in the same place on V7.  I am guessing I am using V7 as I just started today.


    I don't know, that WSB V7 has it's own "spell check" function. However, it will spell check, which I think, uses your computer "spell check" capability.


    #1 is the biggest challenge however would also add for essential functions missing between Version 6 and 7:


    1. Cannot not import spreadsheet to table.


    2. Cannot turn off auto save, which is a good new function but makes taking back corrections on major changes more difficult.


    3. Cannot highlight and scroll to move large blocks down a page.


    YES, YES AND YES! to:

    .The ability to drop all content on the page down to create room for content on top.

       - Insert Space Feature or Move all Feature
       - Without having to manually move everything


    Please make that happen ASAP. Thank you in advance.



    A scrolling marquee would be a useful enhancement.

    Adding Captions to Pictures.  

    The ability to adjust the mobile site.

    It appears websitebuilder7 is out and websitebuilder xnext is in.


    I miss the ability to add downloadable files to the page.. Before I was able to add tour Catering menu, .pdf. and order forms, if that feature is still there I can't find it. Also the ability to build a form..when the contact template is lacking in pertinent fields germane to the business being promoted.  Even though the previous Website Builder seem to be overloaded with FEATURES that is what made it appealing, user friendly and most of all credible as a great website builder.. If it ain't broke DON'T FIX IT!!!

    The ability to build a site that actually IS a mobile friendly site without making your desktop site into a very odd liking thing (in order for it to translate into mobile). I'm afraid I will have to spend more money and go to Dudamobile so that can make a proper mobile site automatically and I have the ability to actually edit that individually to make it look good. It is a nobodies site in itself. Godaddy has really disappointed me here. Too bad.

    "Separate sight" not nobodies (auto correct). It's late too and I'm tired of working all day in this site that is so nonmobile!

    The ability to edit and make an actual mobile friendly optimized site is a definite let down. The "mobile site" that V7 builds for you looks a mess!! It is not mobile friendly at all. With more than half of the traffic my site generates is from mobile devices I will be looking for another web building service that gives me that option. I checked Six out but the don't have the ability to add java or HTML content unless its a snippet. Any suggestions of different options?

    Anchors seem to have disappeared in 7. This is a tremendous loss and will result in my finding another builder if not included.

    CL unfortunately that very basic function is missing. However i have created a workaround to create anchors in WB7. More work that is really should be but it works. See my post here.