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    Booking Classes

    Hi I run a Nordic Walking business and I want people to be able to book onto a walk using the calendar system. Now this works fine if the walk times are all the same, say 10am as I can just add Mon & weds and its great,  but what if I run the same walk on different days and at different times as when I have tried to book a additionalt date & time for the walk it just won't show up on the callendar on either tme it just says 2 walks and no one can book it. Is it not possible to have varying start times for the same walk? I have got around it by adding the same walk onto the services but just adding morn, afternoon, eve or w/e and this seems to work but it is confusing some of my not so tech savvy clients. Anyone got any other ideas. Thanks in advance NwN

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    Re: Booking Classes



    What you are are doing as a work-around is exactly how you would have to do what you describe.  The appointments feature is very basic and once you get into multiples and formulas -- you hit a wall.


    Maybe you can add some explanatory text that guides folks on the various separate walk times, why they are listed the way they are and what to do? 😉



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    Re: Booking Classes

    Thanks for that @Muse. I did think that may be my only option. The system works well for me although very basic. I'ts a shame that you can't have different times too but as long as I can work around it then it's all good with me. I always say if there isn't a way I will have to find one, and I did. Thanks again

    NwN (NordicwalkingNorthampton)