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    Can GoCentral do this?

    Moving from desktop website software and "home-made" sites to GoCentral. Want to inquire as to if the GoCentral platform is able to make a page like this. Not looking for anyone to do it, just want to know if it can be done before I switch and commit to using it. Sample:  http://www.thethirddraft.org/about.html

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    Re: Can GoCentral do this?

    Congratulations on taking your website into your own hands @ThirdDraft. I wish you success and know that there is help for you if you get stuck. 


    Looking at the example it seems to me that GoCentral Store would be able to do that adequately? GoCentral has contact forms, store, email collection... Please take advantage of the no credit card needed free trial of GoCentral. You will be able to make sure that GoCentral fits your need before paying a dime! If you get stuck have a look at the help documents or Community. Should you be unable to to find an answer to your question just ask, the Community had some really knowledgeable members. I hope that helps! 


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