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    Can't renew hosting for account with Delegate "Manage & Purchase" Access

    I manage the hosting and domain on another account. Previously had no problems doing so with the "Administrator" access I had. Now that GoDaddy switched to the new "Delegate Access" system, I am having problems. 


    I requested access again, was granted "Manage & Purchase" access, and then logged in to renew  the hosting that is expiring next week. Unfortunately, no matter how I go about it, after I've selected the hosting account to renew and click continue, I always just end up at "There are no products in your cart". 


    I can't even see how much the renewal is going to cost, much less actually pay for it and get it renewed. Very frustrating. 

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    Nothing huh?

    Can't get an answer from support either, since I get the same rep every time I fire up chat and they know nothing about how GoDaddy's services work. Tells me I'm getting this error because "I'm not logged into the right account". Of course if I wasn't logged into the right account I wouldn't even be able to see the hosting service that needs to be renewed... And while yesterday all he wanted to do was run the renewal himself for me, today he refuses to just renew it unless I give him the PIN for the account I'm managing.


    So what's the point of being able to grant others access to "Manage and Purchase" on an account if they need to have the PIN for that account, or essentially access to login directly to that account in order to do anything. 


    Obviously the only solution to this problem is to move our hosting to a company whose services actually work and whose support staff actually understand the services the company offers.