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    Combined Shipping Options


    Can you tell me if the Go Central Online-Store has the ability to combine shipping if a customer selects multiple items? I have selected weight based shipping option and USPS calculated Service. I am using the 30 day trial and want to see how shipping is calculated before I make my decision to switch. In a previous GoDaddy store, I had the option to indicate the sizes of boxes I was using and it would pick the appropriate box based on largest product and then calculate prices.

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    Re: Combined Shipping Options



    In GoCentral you have the basics to choose from:


    Free Shipping

    Flat Rate Per Order

    Weight Based


    Then for more accurate shipping based on location/weight/dimensions you can integrate USPS or UPS.


    There is no feature where you can indicate box sizes based on largest product.  All you can do is have weight based on the total weight of products ordered.    However, UPS does offer the ability to set the Rate Method as either:


    Each product ships in a separate box
    Multiple products ship in the same box


    HTH! 😉


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    Re: Combined Shipping Options

    I have a dated product in my Go Central online store which people order multiples of, and expect to be able to have shipped by USPS First Class mail parcel.  I need to be able to offer USPS First Class mail parcel for up to 4 items before people are required to select to have them shipped via USPS Priority for a 1lb package. As it stands now, the option for shipping up to 4 of my items, at a weight that does not exceed 12 ounces, people are required to pay a shipping charge for each item they want!  So to send a 12oz package with 4 items inside, I pay $3.75 my customer is charged three times this, so 11.25 for the same 12oz package or forced into paying for Priority Mail at $7 and change!  People should be allowed to pay for actual shipping charges for 1st Class mail parcel on multiple items by weight. It is not necessary to ask them to pay for Priority mail and it is making my many existing customers angry!  I called tech support and was told this was an "open bug" with the USPS system and Godaddy and that there is nothing they can do.  I am looking now at loosing 1000s of dollars in sales for Oct, Nov and December because of this problem.  I have 100s of existing customers looking to this website to order multiples as they do every year, only to be charged exorbitant shipping charges which they will most likely walk away from. Or they won't buy more than one because it costs twice as much to ship two, and three times as much to ship three.   Tech tells me "you could just give them free shipping" -  or "raise your price". That's the answer?  Etsy and Amazon do not have this problem.  Maybe Godaddy techs/developers need to talk with someone over at another company who knows how to fix this stupid "open bug" problem!   Really wishing I had not bothered to "upgrade" my GoDaddy website to this Go Central thing.  It looks like it will be costing me a lot of money and there is nothing that can be done.  


    Re: Combined Shipping Options

    I agree, this is an issue for me also! Don't understand why this can't be fixed.