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    Customizing Photos in 'Content' Section

    Instead of the out of the box picture gallery, I would like to have a Google Photos page shown.  How can I achieve this?  Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Customizing Photos in 'Content' Section

    I'm thinking when using the GoCentral Gallery you have a greater ability of customization @lkennebrew. My advice would be to find a Gallery layout that you like and upload whatever pictures you have to GoCentral. Keeping it all together may ultimately prove to be the best option? 


    If you are set on embedding Google photos album into a website you can try to insert them as a slideshow? You also might be able to use the Share > Get link function in Google Photos in conjunction with a GoCentral HTML Section to add the pictures to your website? I'm not certain there is a clean way to accomplish what you'd like though? 


    Is there a way you want your photos to appear that can't be handled by the Add or change photo gallery feature? Perhaps there is some custom code you can generate for the look you want that you could paste into a HTML Section?  Does any of that help? 


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