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    Email from opencart not sending

    HI, I'm using opencart and when customer placed order, I'm not getting order alert email.

    also i did checked notify me when new order received in opencart mail option.

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    Hi @Gunaa,

    Please make sure that you are using the correct hosting account relay server to send/receive email. I'm not an expert on this subject, maybe one of our community members will chime in and can help you out more if you provide more details. For example, are you receiving any errors and what email address are you using? 

    KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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    I'm using outlook.coom email.

    I'm receiving mails only from contact us page but not new order alert.

    Thanks you.

    Godaddy is notorious for having mail problems from mailings generated by server-side code. Still to this day they have little to no support/solutions for it....especially when trying to mail to outlook.com accounts.


    It's a topic of extreme frustration with me and its my only huge gripe about GoDaddy...

    Hi, did you ever find a fix to this problem?


    I've got Opencart ( on my hosting and having a similar problem. Notification of customer sales aren't being emailed to me. Emails from the contact us page form aren't being sent to me either. yet oddly enough I'm receiving a notification email when somebody registers an account with me, but instead if sending it to the address registered with the Opencart store, the message is being emailed to the email address I have registered with GoDaddy.


    I contacted GoDaddy customer support and was advised it was probably a problem with the coding on Opencart. I had the website checked by someone I know has good knowledge of Opencart, she couldn't find any problem with the coding, she then installed installed Opencart on her hosting (not with GoDaddy) and it worked perfectly for her so I'm assuming that there is a problem with GoDaddy hosting somewhere.

    Hi, did someone find a solution to fix  this problem?


    I am trying to fix orders emails not sending on opencart 3.0. 

    my emails configurations is as below;



    I am also having this issue. I have a new opencart installation and emails are sent to customers but not to admin. 


    Has anyone figured out how to work through this issue?