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    Facebook "Like" at top of email Newsletter

    Screenshot_20171213-132357.pngI can't for the life of me find where to remove the Facebook "Like" button from the VERY TOP of my newsletter.  I attached a screen shot here.  Does anyone know how I can remove it?  I checked the social media add-on section and it's isn't there.


    Many thanks in advance!!

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    Former Employee

    Re: Facebook "Like" at top of email Newsletter

    Hi @mar4nic,

    Thanks for the message.  The location of the social share icons is controlled in the Campaign Tweaks Add-on (from the Settings page).  It defaults to the bottom but you can manually set it to appear at the top/bottom/both.

    This article should help.

    Thanks again!

    Christie S

    Product Manager

    GoDaddy Email Marketing