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    Finding this all a bit ovewrwhelming

    Help please....  I have just registered my domain name, do I have to now purchase hosting? also if I use go Daddy for the build a website when I pay the monthly fee is that for the managing of it, I take it it uses word press which is free to use? So new to this.

    Sorry finding this so confusing, no idea why I am, any advise/help would be appreciated

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    Hello @teepee21 and welcome!


    I know all too well that confused feeling, I think we all do? The good news is that you are in the right place.


    Yes, you now need to purchase hosting to go along with your domain. GoDaddy has many hosting plans you can choose from but reading your post I'd suggest Deluxe Managed WordPress from GoDaddy. With GoDaddy Managed WordPress GoDaddy will handle the updates to your WordPress version so that you can concentrate on your content. You also get a free domain with the annual Managed WordPress plan so you probably want to call in support and have it all setup. You will find that GoDaddy have very knowledgeable representatives that will make your process easy?


    Glad that you came to the Community and I hope your GoDaddy experience is a pleasant one. Come back and let us know how it all went @teepee21. I hope that helps?

    ...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

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    Here are the products I have my business clients purchase:


    Domain, Basic Managed WP Hosting,  Web Security, SSL, and Business Emails


    All of these can be purchased at GoDaddy, which I highly recommend you do if you want your website to be scalable.






    can't seem to get a handle on the home-page   just started  downloaded pics to "photo gallery"  but no idea how tyo eliminate photos already on page (electronic stuff)      that can't be what anybody sees as soon as thery go to my site, surely?    sorry   I'll keep at it...(tomorrow) . be well, enjoy   steve bellwood