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    Getting RSS Feed from built-in blog

    I've added a built in blog into my GoCentral Website Builder site.  It all works as I'd like, but I want to display these blog entries elsewhere by way of an RSS feed.  I can't find a way to get the RSS feed of my blog.


    Note: I am NOT trying to display another blog/site's feed on my GoCentral Site.  I'm trying to do the exact opposite.  I need to display the Blog Content on an external RSS Reader.


    Can anyone help. This is functionality basic to any blog platform, so I'm sure it must be available.

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    Re: Getting RSS Feed from built-in blog

    Hi @2ndBestJoeyEver,


    Welcome to the Community!

    As you've seen, the program will create an RSS feed for external sites to place on your blog. To create an RSS feed on OTHER sites for your blog with the Website Builder, there are a number of websites and programs you can find through a browser search online. Here's one that will get you started. 



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    Re: Getting RSS Feed from built-in blog

    For other stumbling across this, the answer to what I asked is that you can simply append "f.rss" to the end of your website builder blog url.

    for example http://mywebsite.com/blog/f.rss


    unfortunately for me, the godaddy blog feed only updates once daily, not in real time, so it wasn't suitable for my needs.