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    GoCentral Business Plus - editing

    I am using GoCentral Business Plus and am having a hard time understanding how to perform what I thought would be simple tasks. I have previously used the Website Builder editor successfully but that is no longer being offered by GoDaddy.  Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.


    First, when I am in the GoCentral website editor, the only way that I have found to create a navigation menu (at the top) is to add new pages, which automatically creates a navigation menu at the top for each page that I create. I can add new "sections" but doing so does not create a navigation menu. My goal is to be able to add new sections and have a navigation menu that points to each section. I don't understand why this is not possible.


    Second, I have not found a way to add an individual photo to my website using the editor. I can replace existing photos that came with the theme I chose, I just cannot add a new photo anywhere I want. The only thing I can do is choose from the list of categories given and the only one that is close is called photo gallery. None of the categories are for a single photo. I have read the GoCentral help articles about how to add a photo but I never get the "Add image" option as discussed in the articles so I don't know what else to do.


    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    Re: GoCentral Business Plus - editing

    Hi @dsw1225hou,

    Sorry to hear that you're having some challenges with GoCentral! Would you please share your website so someone from the team can take a look. Thanks much!


    Former Employee

    Re: GoCentral Business Plus - editing

    Hi @dsw1225hou,


    Sorry for the trouble with GoCentral. Hopefully this will help.


    You are correct, the navigation menu only links to pages, not to sections. If you'd like to be able to direct folks to a specific section, you might want to think about making it a separate page.


    As for photos/images, many of the sections include images that you are welcome (and encouraged) to customize to fit your website / business.  However, you can only include images in the sections that already have placeholder images available.  You can edit the section to increase/decrease the number of images present to fit your needs.  You can also remove the text if you don't want text included in that section.  For example, if you choose an About Us section that includes 3 images, you can remove two of them and leave only one if you'd like. Or you can add 3 more images if you'd like (depending on the layout you've chosen). So while you are limited to the sections that are listed, and there isn't one just called "image", you can modify the sections that are available to show only one image if you'd like.





    GoCentral PM