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    Community Manager

    GoCentral Product Feature Updates

    Hi all,
    Here's some new features that we rolled out in December for GoCentral. You can see more detail at https://www.godaddy.com/garage/december-2017-whats-new-in-gocentral/


    Google My Business

    Ever wondered how you could get a Google listing with a map? That’s a Google My Business listing, and now you can easily create your own on GoCentral. Look for your Google My Business card on your GoCentral dashboard. You’ll also enjoy ongoing syncing with Google. Very cool!


    Online appointment upgrades!

    We wanted to let your know you can manage your online appointment configuration on your Dashboard (look for Appointments in your header). But that’s not all…

    New group option

    If you’re an instructor or group leader, you’ll love group appointments. Want to teach a yoga class for 15 people from 5-6pm? Running a homebuyer seminar from 6-7pm and only have room for 20? Group appointments lets multiple people book the same time slot. You can set maximum participants to prevent overcrowding, too.


    Deposits and prepayments

    Now you can collect money in advance when your clients book. Want to charge a cancellation fee? This new feature makes it really easy to ensure you get paid if plans change.


    Auto backup and restore

    If you have never changed your mind and wanted something back the way it was, this feature is not for you. For everyone else, there’s a new backup and restore feature. GoCentral will automatically backup every time you publish, delete a page or section, change your theme, or reset your website. It will always save the current version before restoring your site to a chosen version. Find backups by date and time. And manually backup your site whenever you want.


    Reorder sections

    You’ve been asking for more design flexibility. So we made it easier to for you to make it look just how you want it. You can now click and drag to reorder the groups in Content and About sections. Designing just got more fun!


    Online Store

    Square payments

    Many of you have been telling us you want to use Square as your credit card processor. Well, you got it. Square has become popular with merchants because you can easily accept in-person and online payments. They are also known to deliver funds fast. Give them a shot!  





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