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    Group selection & Centering/Lining up photos and text boxes

    Is there any way to center a text box or a group of images in the new website builder.  Its driving me crazy things being slightly off center or doing a group of images and then wanting to move them all down a line.  Being able to put things anywhere on the page is great, but getting them to be uniform is a nightmare, am i missing something.

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    Hi @poker, thanks for posting.

    There is not an option to center or automatically align text boxes and other content.

    You may want to consider using a photo gallery.

    You can also drag and create a selection box, to select a group of images. This will allow you to move them as a group and maintain their positions to each other.


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    I use the alignment grid and snap to features found in the manage site drop down box and click on GridGuides  also the arrows move the box micro movement in direction of arrow


    How do I center items in website builder v7? i know how to turn on grid lines but I cannot get items centered by just using the grid.


    Thanks in advance.

    I want to group a background block, several text blocks and a picture, so that they can be moved together on the page.  I cannot figure out how to do that.  Thanks for advice!