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    How To Create Your Website With Your Own HTML Code Compared To Website Builder - Tutorial

     bheathster Writes, I am new to godaddy, but I already understand the basics of HTML. I want to build my site by editing my own HTML code, either online or uploading files, but I cannot figure out how to access raw code on the main page.

    Does anyone know how to do this?



    Adrian8 writes, The Website Builder from GoDaddy is a tool that allows you to create a basic type of website without having to many "technical skills" but if you want to add your html code to a page you can use this tutorial.


    However, if you want to build your entire website using your own html code then the first thing you need is a hosting plan that does not include the Website Builder, and after that all you need is Notepad, FileZila and maybe some html tutorials.

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