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    How to change just one page

    I used to build websites waaay back when HTML first became the popular route to create them. Since, I've done a million other things and got away from website building or really any tech. 

    Well, I've been re-doing my agency's website. I want to change the header on just one subpage on our main page... but when I change that header, it changes all the pages. How do I change just one page w/o effecting the other pages? Thanks for any help. Hate that my hands are tied so much with the design! 

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    Re: How to change just one page

    @TishomingoSith, It sounds like the site uses server-side scripting to bring in the same header on every page, so it would depend on how that is set-up.  How are you working on the site?  Is it built upon a CMS like WordPress or Joomla?