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    How to connect Website Builder Site to my Domain

    Ok so I've built a site in Website Builder. And published it. And the address is like this myname.godaddysites.com


    I've bought a domain. When people type in the domain name I want it to display the site I've built in Website Builder.


    The "manage domain" option gives me the option to forward traffic from my domain to myname.godaddysites.com but I don't want to do this because I'm worried that myname.godaddysites.com will be displayed or accessible to the user, thus making a mockery of the fact that I paid extra to have GoDaddy to be listed on WHOIS instead of me.


    What am I doing wrong here?


    It kind of sounds like you have Website Builder vNext

    Here are some screenshots that might help:


    You want to go open the main menu inside of the designervNext-menu.pngvNext-menu-settings.pngvNext-menu-settings-domain.png

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    It kind of sounds like you have Website Builder vNext

    Here are some screenshots that might help:


    You want to go open the main menu inside of the designervNext-menu.pngvNext-menu-settings.pngvNext-menu-settings-domain.png

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    Thought the problem was similar to mine. But can you help me here. I bought a domain. Its listed in the my domain section. I also bought a website builder just now. When I click manage as per the help, it shows me an alert "First things first" and asks me to select a domain to design. But the problem is I am unable to see any domain nor am I able to select the dropdown list. When I give OK, it asks me give a valid domain. Any help/suggestions you have for this one?


    Thanks in advance!!!

    Hurrah! Think I've solved it. Thank you SMattingly! 

    I do not see that option anywhere! Would this be because I'm am on the 30 Free Trial? 

    Never mind, I found it some where else. The area you go to before you click to edit website. Setting is at the top of "website builder" main page of product. 

    It will not save! As a new customer..  I am getting very frustrated with Godaddy. 

    I have the same problem and when i go the domain tab within the builder the domain i have through godaddy is not there to select. 

    I have the same problem - where is the support from GoDaddy? Chat is still offline!

    I cannot connect my website builder to my domain, I have just started the trial.  How do I untick the box that says "myname.godaddysites.com"  ?

    I am not able to move my site in web builder to my own domain, despite changing and selecting in my domain, this is disappointing and frustrating and no help from Go daddy, help lines are open only when you are trying to subscribe for new service

    None of those worked for me. Here is my step by step instructions for the solution.


    Log in

    Click your name, top right

    Drop down menu appears, click "my products"

    Click Website builder/ INSTANTPAGE

    Click "options" (pop up window opens)

    on top right, click "Launch Control Center"

    new window opens, click "settings"

    on drop down menu, click "domain settings"

    click the circle to choose "select a domain of mine"  

    Select which domain of  you want to direct your website builder page to go to.


    CLICK OK and that should be it.


    *** This is the closest I came to finding all the correct buttons to select.  I am did go back to the website builder and selected "publish"  and am waiting for everything to hopefully work


    ***nope, needed to add this step. I had to also chenge my "nameservers" to godaddy to allow the content from the websitebuilder to go to my website.




    click name, top left

    drop down menu click "my products"

    Then on Domains click green "Manage" 

    then you will see your domain name in blue color, click your domain name

    Look for Nameservers, click  "Manage"

    Click "Standard" selection 

    Click Save


    support says it takes up to 24 hours for this step to complete.

    I have purchased a domain name : punrsi.com to use to connect  canvas siteminder to use the booking engine of Littlehotelier. Up to the stage I want to go live. I cannot do me DNS setting. When I enter to the setting page I have to choose domain in the all domain collumn it appears (0)

    What shall I do to do the correction.

    I had bought a domain from GoDaddy and also have web hosting. Today I decided to get web site builder, create a web site and now want to connect it to my existing domain. How to do that. I did whatever is mentioned this thread, went to dashboard -> site settings -> Select a domain of mine and chose my domain but my new site through site build will still not show up on my domain. What do I need to do ? is the existing web hosting that I have causing problems ?

    When you publish, you should see an option to use a different domain. Once you enter it, Godaddy will give you a window with instructions how to change your DNS settings at wherever your domain is registered.  https://uk.godaddy.com/help/connect-my-website-to-non-godaddy-domain-24748


    I tried what you show in the pics but all it does it switch back and forth between my domain name page and the .godaddy domain name page (which is where I built the website in your "builder") but now cannot merge them!


    Arrrgggggggggggg  HELP

    No! This does not address updating the dns! Very frustrated. I've been sidelined for days upon advice from tech support only to find they never updated the dns! Why is this being overlooked?


    Looks like this thread is over a year old and I assume, guys must have found a solution. I am in exactly same situation today. I have an external domain where I want to publish my website created through GoDaddy Website builder. All I need is the nameserver details that I can update on my domain management panel.

    I have tried whatever I could but i am unable to find nameservers of the site I have created on GoDaddy Website builder.

    Any help will be appreciated.