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    How to shut down an old website?

    Hi. I have a very old website (15 years old) which looks very unprofessional and I want to take it down before I start thinking about a new one. How do I do this please? Thanks in advance

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    Helper VI

    Actually, the best way to do it is to create the new one first then redirect visitors then close the old one. Doing this will minimize down time.

    Taking down a website is as easy as unlinking the domain and host, but doing so will make your visitors, client etc think that you or your company no longer exist.

    Your other option is to have a "under construction" splash page while you make the new one.
    ~Jan Mykhail Hasselbring Web Administrator @ fullstackwebsolution.com
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    Hi @novice2,


    I would just like to add that you could also 'cash park' your domain whilst you got on with updating it. At least then it may bring in a little money instead of doing nothing.