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    How to start over with new templates for my website?

    at the beginning i register my website as Ecommerce website and i don't like none of the templates that i got for this type of website. it doesnt let me to resize the actual image box and im forced to use whatever it gives me and thats not how i want my website to look like. so i need to start over and be able to register my website as different type of business so i can try different template. can someone tell me how i can start over or be bale to see different templates for different type of websites?

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    Re: template

    The style of the site is determined by the theme options.  The selections you make when setting up a new account determine the prepopulated content.  You can edit the content as well as add or remove content blocks as you see fit.  There are various types of content blocks to choose from including text, video, shop, etc.


    If you do want to wipe the content clean and start fresh this option is under Site History under Site Settings.