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    Image and css folders

    I uploaded my HTM files and folders containing images and CSS. Same structure as I had locally. The CSS and images are not showing up in preview. How can I fix this?

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    Advocate V

    Maybe include a link so we can check the source files?  Often, when this happens to me, I find the src attribute points to a file system resource like d:\site_files\mysite\images\logo.jpg and all that's needed is a relative link like /images/logo.jpg (notice the slashes vice backslashes).

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    Helper I

    I'd reflect @D3's thoughts.  There's not quite enough information to be able to say what exactly is going on.  Without knowing more, I'd suspect that your file paths are either absolute based on a system path structure, or your root has possibly changed relative to your project assets.

    Sometimes to troubleshoot issues like that, it's helpful to right click on the broken image and take a look at the full path that the browser is using to locate the resource.  Sometimes that can shed some light on the issue, and give you a better idea of what it's looking for, vs what it should be.

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