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    Inline formatting - Website Builder



    I really hope someone can help with a small issue I have which would really increase the flexibility for me when using Website Builder.


    Quite simply I would like to add a small amount of inline text formatting in a content box. The default options available are bold, italic, underline and list style. However, for some text I would simply like to change the font color. Surely this should be possible within a content box using inline code; as I can do with a fully html page:



    "This is the current text in the content box but I would like some of the text to <font color="blue">read in blue</font> just like those three words there!"


    ...so on my site it will be shown as:

    "This is the current text in the content box but I would like some of the text to read in blue just like those three words there!"



    Can this be done in any manner?


    Many thanks

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    Super User III

    Unfortunately this is only available in an HTML section.

    Thanks for the reply Nate 🙂


    If that is the case then @Godaddy... can we have more formatting options available within

    content sections please?
    We have more scope within this forum than we do when building a website😮



    Hi @HaloJones,


    Thanks for your feedback! Yes - text editing is an area our team will invest in later part of this year. We will put this into considerations! Thanks.