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    Is there a way to change website theme and not have loose everything?

    I am thinking about changing my sites theme due to the menus, but I have many pages and images that I don't want to have to start all over from scratch.  I been researching this for a while and have seen many things about doing a site backup/restore however when I go and follow those steps to get to where that should be there is no little dots or site settings, so I couldn't even test it out.


    Is there anyway that I can change the website theme without loosing everything that I already have on the site and being forced to start completely over from scratch.

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    Helper II
    Helper II



     Try going to your FTP manager,  make a copy of your folder.


            Then go to your  database button find the database and click back up.


     Just in case. 

      Then you could also download both Database and Website Folder

    but you don't have to have to but just in case in case.


         Then go login to your  WordPress,   and click on change theme

    find the one you like and preview it.


       Nothing works perfect,  you will still have so many customization to do FYI


     But what your doing is a bit advanced if you have a lot of pages.


       Also compare WordPress Versions to your plugins,  and then compare plugin comparability to your theme.

       If you break your website,  just go to your FTP and remove your plugins one by one.

    In some cases doing this in the past WordPress broke and lost the login page too.


        I am glad I am on deluxe hosting.

     I fixed it myself by the steps above.










    Are you working on Website Builder or WordPress?...

    The steps provided by @API are perfect for WordPress!, but in case you're using website builder or online store check below;


    Make sure you don't insert "demo" content into the new theme...

    Still require help!, GoDaddy support team is always there to help...


    Hope this helps




    Praveen Thomas

    GoDaddy 24/7 Support www.x.co/247support