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    Logo size in online store


    I see Godaddy still hasn't included a logo re-sizing option for their online store :-(

    I'm trying to change it with CSS but it isn't working. Does anyone know anything about this please and thank you!!

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    Re: Logo size in online store

    I've never used the online store but if CSS isn't working then you might want to check the javascript. Also you should open up Firefox and use the web-inspector, then you can edit the style live without messing up our own code! Let me know if you're still having issues after you give this a shot


    Re: Logo size in online store

    This needs to be fixed.  We need to at least have the option to OVERRIDE the default CSS that makes our logo look so small.

    We've asked about this almost a year ago and no response is given to date.


    Very disappointing for a imply fix, such as adding a small !Importrant to CSS is causing a deley on an important aspect of OUR LOGO!