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    Logo width

    Building my first web site and want to have the frame above the menu bar to be the full width.


    It looks like the only options of what can go above the menu bar is

    a single line of text (No Logo) or to instead have a logo, which is then automatically centered and does not extend the full screen width.

    Is that correct please?  If so.., does anyone know of any web builder site which will allow me do have this as its a bit of a deal breaker.


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    Hi @pdpsych,


    Thanks for posting. Yes, that is correct you can only add text or center a logo with our Website Builder, if you are looking for something more customizable I'd recommend using WordPress to build your site. We offer Managed WordPress hosting as well, you can learn more about it here. Hope that helps!


    Lisi - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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