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    Managing users that log in separately

    Is it possible to create a login which let each customer  be able to log in to get certain info from his portal . Is this a feature doable with the Website builder/online store?


    I want to be able to create 20 user logins and have every user access to their private information and files without the others being able to see it . is this possible?

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    Re: Managing users that log in separately

    Website Builder has basic members only pages, it's not robust enough for individualized accounts.  You would need a solution that's built around membership levels like WordPress.


    There are many different plugins available for WordPress to fine tune account access for various different needs.  Search the plugins for user access, roles, members or something similar.  See if any have the feature set you need but also check the reviews and make sure it's current and being maintained.



    Re: Managing users that log in separately

    Thanks for your reply Nate, appreciate it . Thiis is one of the reasons i registered with godaddy per one month only. Cause with all the reviews i read i knew something would be missing.


    Anyways many thanks for your help