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    Multiple logins for family to access website

    I have a family website that host mostly pics, music, nostalgia and family events..  Other family members want to contribute without constantly going through me... I want to retain ultimate authority, but would like to give them individual logins with a page so they can enter photos and events on their own..   the site is already busy, so I don't want to slow it down, but I also want to get the families more involved and get the newer pics up faster to make it more relevant..  thoughts on the different platforms? wordpress?? independent addresses?

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    Re: login page for family



    WordPress is perfect for what you describe.  You can provide each family member with their own login and control the level of access and permissions. 


    You can view the roles and capabilities here.  Author status would probably work for what you describe and there are plugins to config that even further.


    HTH! 😉


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