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    New to email marketing Godaddy or mailchimp

    So here is the deal.

    We have a gmail. We have all most every guest give us their email. about 500-800 a year right now.

    Our hosting is done with Godaddy and we use website builder.

    What I want is to have a please on our website where customers can sign up for our mailing letter.

    Also where we can input new emails to be added. And that customers can unsubscribe. 

    My dilemmas are should we be using Godaddy email marketing service? Can we still use our Bussiness Gmail.  Or should we use mailchimp and can we make an add on to insert their email?

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    Can only answer for GoDaddy email marketing. When you setup your email marketing account you can use any email address, which is used as the return email address for any emails sent out. You can easily add a link from your website to the email sign up form (I've done this from my site) as well manually add single emails through the web portal and/or upload as many as needed from another source (I used Excel spreadsheet).