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    Online store front success stories?

    Thank you for your time in this community and i just realized that I'm relying on a whole lot on a cyber storefront and the joy of working from home.  I hardly get on line to shop but I hope I'm not the norm.  Anybody have good success stories about their cyber store front?

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    Cyber Storefront

    Good afternoon,

    I just wanted to see if anyone can reply with a good story about how GoDaddy set you up for a great business experience.

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    Super User III

    Re: Cyber Storefront

    Hey @JeweledBeadstkc 


    That's a great question and I hope more people than just me answer, because my story is a bit unorthodox.


    I've been a GoDaddy customer on and off for over 10 years. I tried all the rest of the big hosting companies and found them somewhat less than desirable. (People that think GoDaddy has terrible support should try out some of those companies owned by EIG.)


    Eventually, my life led me to living in Phoenix and, lo and behold, that's where GoDaddy is headquarted. So, I put in an application and went to an interview with a really cool cat that likes to wear a cowboy hat all the time, and they hired me. They trained me in all the aspects of hosting that I had no idea about. I had a lot of the same misconceptions people have about their hosting company until I realized what it is they actually do, and GoDaddy does A LOT.


    Anyway, they gave me the skills to match my desire. Now, I don't make a ton of money doing freelance work, but there's a nice little uptick every now and then when someone contracts with me. I honestly can't thank GoDaddy, my trainers, and my supervisors there enough for what they taught me. It's been invaluable in not only my business, but my personal life as well. If I hadn't had to leave that area for personal reasons, I would have been a GoDaddy employee for life. 


    But yeah, that's how GoDaddy set me up for a great business experience.

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    Re: Cyber Storefront

    Thank you for your reply and glad you found a place with GoDaddy for yourself.  Cool cyber storefront for your talents!!  I hope I hear from others in the community too.  Take care and good journey!


    Re: Cyber Storefront

    Thank you all for all the Kudos, very much appreciated!!  Good Journey!!!


    Re: Cyber Storefront

    I've been with several other web hosting sites over the years.  I must say that GoDaddy is by far the easiest to keep up and I just love the 24/7 support.  I just started a little business and with the other site I was spending more time reformating pictures that I couldn't get my work done. Now I have time to read forums.