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    Page layout is different on mobile than on desktop

    The text and the photo gallery are not showing in the correct order when you look at the page while on mobile.  It should be text, photo gallery, text photo gallery, etc.  But, it jumps all around (i.e. text, text, text, photo gallery, text, etc.)  I need to know who to correct the order.  Please help.  Thanks

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    Community Manager

    Hi @IndyInd. Thanks for posting. If you can share the domain of your website, that could help others answer your question. My guess would be that you may be using an older version of Website Builder. Website Builder v7 was pretty notorious for desktop to mobile differences due to its drag-and-drop functionality (one of the many reasons we no longer sell it).


    If you have a v7 site, then you probably know that the way the mobile website looks is based off of how the site looks on a desktop. Unfortunately it does not follow responsive design concepts like W+M does. However, the v7 builder creates the mobile site in a predictable way. It scans the website in columns from left to right. Essentially it starts at the top left of the page, scans down to the bottom, then goes over (right) to the next column and goes down. If you design your site with this in mind, it may help you predict how the mobile site will work. I hope that helps. 


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