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    Postage Costs & Shopping Cart

    OK, so I just had a long conversation with tech support re this and I just wanted to run my issue through with others here just to make sure I'm not being pedantic.


    My issue is that although I can enter postage costs for each product, save them and publish to web; when a client goes to look at my store, at no point does the shipping costs for that item appear until you get to the very end page of ordering either through Paypal or Stripe.


    Even when you click through to pay with Paypal, the system advises my customer the total charge that will be taken from their account, but this does not include shipping costs. It's only until they click through to the next window that the shipping costs are added. What irks me really is that when you go to the checkout, shipping costs just has a line through the area where you would expect the price to be. 


    I had originally wanted to charge individual prices for each item as they all differ in weights and dimensions.. but as it is I will have to switch to a flat rate shipping cost per order + I will now need to add a banner to the header advising what that cost is..


    We all shop online a lot now and I just feel that the postage should be added at the initial checkout stage and not all the way through to the last window when the two preceding windows have suggested a nil postage cost.


    What do you think?

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    Re: Postage Costs & Shopping Cart

    That's not good for business.