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    RSS Feed Email Isn't Working Correctly

    Hello all,

    My first RSS feed email was sent out earlier today. I just got around to checking it out (was in the shop all morning and part of the afternoon), and it looks entirely wrong -- both in my MS Outlook client, and in the web version.

    web version: https://gem.godaddy.com/p/e4df7c?fe=1&pact=2-146167194-11052807594-e4983b7e030456a3f23aedf5a1f246a97...

    If anyone has any ideas on this I'd greatly appreciate it.

    There are a few issues.
    #1 - The pictures are not resizing like they do in the editor for the email feed, and did in the preview when I initially created it, and in the test versions I sent to myself a couple weeks ago.
    #2 - There are supposed to be three listings in each email - my 3 most recent blog posts - but there are only two showing.
    #3 - I can only assume that the picture resizing issue is what is causing the Outlook client view problem (it is extremely huge, to the point that half of the width is not visible on my 1920x1080 display, and also only about 1/20th of the vertical size is visible). Here is a screenshot of it at normal 100% zoom:
    And it at 10% zoom:


    ORO Woodworks
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