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    Reordering Products

    Just a quick note to keep the request for reordering online products alive.  Last response was from 11/2018, where a suggestion was made to sort featured items, only, within GoCentral site editor. 


    What's most frustrating is that from the store products page, you can currently easily drag and sort featured products but cannot do it with all products.  This is infuriating!  Any plans to work on giving us this feature on the "all products" tab?



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    Product Team
    Product Team

    Re: Reordering Products

    Hi @mar4nic,


    We do support ordering of product on the online store.  You could order products either by Most Popular (default),  Newest, Name (A-Z, Z-A),  Price (Low to High, High to Low) and this should be sufficient for most businesses. While hand curating the order of product is an option, it is not scalable solution as the product offering on the store increase. 


    Here's how to change default ordering of products on the store, 

    1. Click 'Edit site' 

    2. Navigate to the page that has product gallery hosted

    3. Click on 'Shop' > "Online store' 

    4. Choose your preferred product ordering from the drop down.

    5. Click 'Done' 

    6. Publish the site.


    Ordering products.pngS


    Hope this helps,

    Mohan Kumaresh, 

    Product Manager, GoCentrl Online Stores