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    SKU in online store

    my online store www.ttagallery.in where the product SKU / product ID are not visible. how to make it visible in each product.


    how to enable or is there any option?




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    Re: SKU in online store



    I have a test store and see no way to display SKUs on the site as they noted as being are for "inventory and invoices".


    What I would do is simply add the SKU at the end of the item description.   Since you use bulleted lists, make that the last bullet.


    • SKU: 123456

    HTH! 😉

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    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    Re: SKU in online store

    Hi @ttagallery,

    If you're interested, please feel to add a post to our "Supersize Your Website" forum and have other Community members check out your site to give you tips on things to add or improve. Thanks!


    Re: SKU in online store

    Are there any plans to add a setting to allow us to display the SKU if desired? It would be helpful to display so that when talking with customers we are clear what product item they are referring to. Seems this is a pretty standard feature on other online stores.

    Product Team
    Product Team

    Re: SKU in online store

    Hi @stuffedpretzel,


    Sorry for the inconvenience.  Most consumers may not be comfortable dealing with SKU and always refer to products by the title. This was rationale for us not listing the SKU to your consumers, but you do bring up a right use case for to show SKU to consumers. We'll include this in our backlog and try to address it soon. Meanwhile, you could include SKU at the end of product title or in the description, so your customers can refer to them.



    Mohan Kumaresh,

    Product Manager, Online Stores