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    Sitelock Service letdown..

    Sitelock is not displaying the seal on the site and when I hover my mouse over the code it does not allow a CTRL+C to copy the code. I am tired of calling so I figure I can write on these support articles and work on my issues this way. This comes after dealing with a huge let down of an upgrade to a bettter hosting plan of which was supposed to include Sitelock Premium but that was a lie. Only given a "free" version of the application plus they charged me for an extra plan.. Turns out to be a duplicate of what was already being offered free anyway. I alsa had to pay extra for upgrading my resources when I was told I was upgrading to a server which already had the upgrades. Godaddy, I always give good reviews but I am getting kind of sick with the bad experiences. Just one bad experience or one pricing issue makes me forget about the last great experience I had. Dont even want to get on the phone and complain so... Thats my 2 cents. I will try inmotionhosting next time. rrrggghh Fix my SITELOCK and SSL installation please...

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    Thanks for sharing your experience. Sounds like you might be having a browser issue. Have you tried clearing your cache or accessing the Sitelock code from another internet browser to try copying the code? Or did you already paste the code but it's not displaying as expected? Is there a live page on your site so that others can take a look at what's happening? That will help the other members who've successfully used Sitelock before offer some more suggestions to help you fix the display issues that you're experiencing.

    I understand you may not want to call, but our billing team would be more than happy to help you out if there are concerns with the recent purchases on your account. You can reach them at 480-505-8855. ^KayJay 

    KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
    24/7 support available at x.co/247support

    I've copied and pasted the code to show the ssl seal at the footer of my wordpress website but when i save and publish, it doesn't save and publish. help.