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    Sitemap on GoDaddy Web Builder site

    HELP!!!  I built my site using GoDaddy's web builder template, which supposedly does everything for a novice (me), including submitting the sitemap to Google.  The SEO on my site (www.bonitabeachfrontrental.com) on Google is almost non-existent.  But, I am on the first page of Bing and Yahoo.  I keep registering the site with Google Search Console to be indexed and Google is unable to do so.  Here is the error message from Google: 

    We encountered an error while trying to access your Sitemap. Please ensure your Sitemap follows our guidelines and can be accessed at the location you provided and then resubmit.

    GoDaddy says the sitemap code is included and they keep telling me to go to Google.  Google says its not their issue if they cannot recognize the sitemap and are unable to index my site.  Should I pay to have someone convert my GoDaddy Web Builder to WordPress? 


    I am convinced that there is something inherently wrong with GoDaddy's code.  They keep trying to sell me more SEO services, etc. 

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    Re: Sitemap on GoDaddy Web Builder site

    Hi @mschupp

    Please make sure you are submitting the right sitemap which is: https://bonitabeachfrontrental.com/sitemap.xml. The sitemap is automatically generated so it's not something we can modify from our end. Google would need to provide you with the specifics of why they are unable to access it.

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    Re: Sitemap on GoDaddy Web Builder site

    Im not doin so hot either, you are not alone.