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    Subfolders with Website Builder

    I am using the free website builder application.

    I need a way to make a subfolder contain a page.

    For example:

    User types in www.mywebsite.com/contact

    it should load the contact page

    or www.mysite.com/aboutus

    should load the about us page.


    I have a page called contact and it works if you go to www.mywebsite.com/contact.html

    but no one is ever going to type in the .html part.  Without it you get a 404 page can't be displayed.

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    Re: Subfolders with Website Builder

    You wouldn't have access to edit files or the folder structure with the Website Builder.


    Generally with a simple website visitors would access the homepage and navigate the site using links.


    You can use a forwarded subdomain (example.yourname.com) if there's another page you'd like to send visitors directly.

    (click "I don't see" in step 3)