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    'Subscribe' Feature for collecting mailing lists

    I like this feature but I want to be able to tailor the email message that is sent when a user provides their email address. This is the email that requests a user to confirm their email address. The problem I have is that the email includes my postal address from my personal account information. I can't find a way to prevent it from doing this. There is a website option to change address information that the website uses (Site Settings > Site Profile > Address) but changing the information here doesn't alter what is included in the email. This looks like a defect to me. It makes no sense to pick up my personal account information for use in an email to users, when it should pick up the site settings data instead.

    Until I know that this has been fixed, I will be disabling the Subscribe feature.

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    Re: 'Subscribe' Feature for collecting mailing lists

    Hi @SLCLimey, the inclusion of a physical mailing address is actually a legal requirement by the CAN-SPAM law, which is why we automatically include that in the email. If you are sending marketing emails to those visitors, you may be in violation if you move to a vendor where you can remove the address. 



    Heidi, GoDaddy product manager


    Re: 'Subscribe' Feature for collecting mailing lists



    When people sign up for my mailing list, I would expect that the names and email addresses are compiled into some kind of list. However I'm being told by tech support that I need to manually key in each name and email address one at time, each time I receive an email. That seems crazy. Can that really be true? Does anyone know the solution to this -- either by using a GoDaddy produce or, if necessary, a third party app? Thanks.

    Former Employee

    Re: 'Subscribe' Feature for collecting mailing lists

    More info on how signup forms work can be found here:

    Basically, when you create a signup form you can link it to a subscriber list and anyone who signs up via this form will be added to this list automatically.  Then you'll be able to send email campaigns list by list.




    GEM PM


    Re: 'Subscribe' Feature for collecting mailing lists