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    Suggestions for GoCentral: Accept larger files & better high resolution pictures

    GoCentral is almost perfect for my Biz, pending the updates I hear are coming in January with font format flexibility etc.

    Two things;

    1. However I wont be able to use it unless the 30mb limit per file upload is made to accept larger files like my cPanel site would. As a recording studio I need to share files with clients that vary from 50 mb to 2 gb.

    could someone please explain why this isn't possible? and/or why this suggestion could not be taken?

    the only reason I ask, is the builder is successfully responsive between devices, which is half the battle in DIY builders. It was told to me that this was originally intended for Grandmothers wanting to post pictures and recipes, but it has shown itself to be much more powerful and useful to us  small business owners.

    This upload issue is a deal breaker for me, and I'm sure others.

    I'd appreciate any insight into this, as I'm in a trial version, and need to decide if this will work.


    2. High resolution pictures uploaded to GOCentral show up pixelated, I've spoken to reps that have explained that go daddy automatically compresses photos in gocentral, which make them pixelated and smeared.

    You have the band width, and storage, can we please upload jpegs and have them arrive as intended?




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