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    Unlimited text in section

    Hi I am trying to add a section to my site that offers detailed descriptions of services and that can get quite long.  Is there a way can add a section that does not have a text limit?

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    Re: Unlimited text in section

    I have a couple of things you could try to overcome that @Aloth600. I find that GoCentral Sections are a bit easier to maintain when they are kept smaller. What I would try is break up your text Sections into multiple blocks. This will keep your sections a bit easier to manage. You can put up to twenty (20) Sections per page and you can even break the Sections with pictures or other content. Just find a natural break (perhaps in between descriptions).


    The other thing you could do is to utilize a HTML Section to display your content. I don't know how much content you have but a HTML Section may be able to accomodate all of it? When I have a large amount of text on a website I also like to keep a separate text file using Microsoft Word or a Google Word document just in case I need to refer back to it. I've actually mistakenly deleted sections of text that I needed and learn from my hurt because that is not a great feeling. I hope that helps?


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