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    Updating site


    I read in a previous solution that it is possible to create a staging site to create a new site without taking your current site down.  If my original site was built using the GoDaddy webiste builder, can I create the new site in WordPress?

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    Re: Updating site



    Yes, you can keep your site live on GoCentral while you setup a new WordPress site.   Sign up for Managed WordPress.  You'll then have a temporary URL to use to access your WP Dashboard and website.


    There is no way to migrate your GoCentral content/site to WordPress so you'll have to copy-n-paste any text and reupload images.   Once you choose your theme and get your site looking the way you want, you would then designate your domain for your WordPress install.


    Once your domain is displaying the new WordPress site you can then safely shutdown your GoCentral account. I usually wait a week to allow the new location to solidly propagate throughout the network before cancelling old hosting.


    HTH! 😉


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    Re: Updating site

    Yes, you can.  Going from Website Builder to WordPress is a switch in platforms that would require a different type of hosting account.  You can select either a cPanel or Managed WordPress plan and install WordPress on a temporary domain.



    When you are done setting up the new website you can then switch over the domain.  If there was remaining time on the Website Builder plan contact support with your account information to get a refund or store credit.