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    Upload New Theme to Website Builder 7

    I'm a designer redoing a website for a client who built the page via Website Builder 7. Can I upload themes to Website Builder or do I need to create a new page on Wordpress or another platform for this functionality?

    I'm reticent to ask my small nonprofit client to start paying Wordpress's $25 monthly fee for an updated site. 

    I have been delegated access to their page, but I can't find anywhere to upload zip files, and while Website Builder 7 may have been designed for a layman, as a designer used to a different set of functionality I'm finding it maddening. 

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    Re: Upload New Theme to Website Builder 7

    You're correct to conclude that Website Builder 7 is not advanced enough for your needs.  You can have the client purchase a regular Web Hosting or Managed WordPress plan for around what they are paying for the Website Builder (possibly less).




    After you have the new site uploaded and the domain properly pointed to the new hosting the Website Builder plan can be canceled. Then support can be contacted about any remaining time that can be refunded or a credit added to the account.